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Past Life Integration [4 Session-PKG]

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  • Includes audio recording
  • Release old karmic patterns
  • Transform deep unconscious patterns
  • Get connected with your life purpose and soul essence


  • Personalization: • Customized per client's condition and wellness goals
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Release old karmic patterns and recurring past issues and pain. Embrace and transform deep unconscious patterns in the cellular memory, DNA and genetic memory. The benefits are you will be more present and integrated in your body, be more connected with your life purpose and soul essence. You will experience more joy, power, freedom, and choice.

NIRVAIR KHALSA, Soul-Wisdom Healing, Past-Life Integration, Yoga

A student of Master Yogi Bhajan, Nirvair Khalsa has been extensively trained in the healing arts, yogic and ayurvedic traditions. In addition to teaching, Nirvair uses his yogic abilities to sense what influences are affecting a person’s life now, in a practice he calls Past Life Integration.