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Reiki-1 Session [Wellness Pkg*]

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  • Hands-on healing
  • At least 2,500 years of writings in Japan
  • The healing energy of Reiki flows through all the main systems of the body
  • The Reiki energy can continue having positive effects for up to a week after a session
  • Personalization: • Customized per client's condition and wellness goals
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*Sessions are held in the same month and paid in advance

Reiki means Universal Life Energy. Many cultures dating back to ancient times have had the wisdom and knowledge that an unseen energy flows through all living things, and is directly related to the quality of health in life by stimulating vitality and well being. Reiki is an alternative relaxation and healing technique that attempts to equalize the energy imbalances in the body – imbalances that signify physical, emotional pain or strain. Reiki addresses body, mind and spirit accelerating one’s ability to heal one’s self. Reiki, as laid down by its re-discoverer Dr. Usui, has a simple set of procedures to follow, which were passed down to each of the Reiki Maters who follow his teachings. One’s hands are placed strategically on the body. Reiki’s use around the world, and in hospitals and medical centers, continues to grow.


In addition to promoting Tibetan medicine, as a Reiki Master, Sondra extended the reach of Reiki in the San Diego community and beyond by offering trainings and providing treatments to individuals and groups. Her Reiki service to veterans in San Diego has been acknowledged both locally and nationally and working with vets remains a special passion for her.