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40 yrs as an Intuitive Life Coach

Available for Private Coaching and Sessions, in person or remotely via Skype

John Thornton became aware of his intuitive gifts at a very early age, discovering how he could feel the emotions of others, see energy fields (auras), and become aware of situations, circumstances, and sentiments of the people around him. Having open dialogues with his spirit-guide as far back as he can remember, he wasn't aware then that not everyone possessed or utilized these gifts. Encouraged by his spirit-guide, John obtained several gifted masters; some on the human plain, others from the spirit realm. This education led John to his role as a translator, sometimes called a channel; as he puts it so plainly, "I could translate messages from beings of a higher vibration (Angels) and communicate with those that have made their transition (deceased)."


Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Describing his highest joy, John shares that using his skills as a channel/medium he facilitates spirit rescues by assisting those [not of the body] to fulfill their earthly experience and cross over to the Light.
In 2008, in an effort to help others struggling with their own set of gifts, John started the Psychic Gym. This Gym is a place for hands-on instruction, a safe place to experience, develop, and strengthen the student's own intuitive gifts to become part of a supportive conscious community.
About the same time that he started the Psychic Gym, John began to experience the consequences of a past accident. His body was shutting down, a crippling form of arthritis manifested throughout his entire body. Every movement was painful; the more it hurt, the less he moved.
His spirit-guide showed up again to lead him to the knowledge of how to TAP INTO and use Universal Energies. Firstly, it allowed John to experience the healing of his physical body. Secondly, he learned how to use this unlimited source of energy to assist others.
Once I have secured the permission from the person receiving the process to access their energy field, as I begin the process while they remain standing, the person will simply enter into a semi-unconscious state. Using this process and a combination of Intuitive skills, John is then able to assist the person in removing physical limitations, emotional or spiritual blocks, and making measurable shifts in their physical and emotional reality.

John Thornton