Reiki practitioner with electric hands

Milica 'Mitzy' Stefanovic grew up in Serbia in the 90s and has survived being born with Cerebral Palsy, the abuse from a parent plagued with alcoholism, the plight of a nation torn by war, being orphaned in her teens, and finding her feet in America. At the heart of it, she has held tremendous faith and learned early in life to believe in a better tomorrow and make every effort to get there. In the US, Mitzy found a spiritual counselor to help her work through moments of despair and doubt. Through her new community of spiritual practitioners, Mitzy was introduced to John of God. She took special herbs provided by this gifted healer and meditated every single day, sometimes for hours at length; this way, she would rediscover her faith and with it, feel affirmed that her future had to be focused on a life that is spiritually centered and one where she can serve others find their inner strength and healing.

As she felt freed from years of baggage and ready to respond to her call, she found Reiki Master Sondra Buschmann and was trained and initiated to be a practitioner. Right away, it became evident that her hands responded profoundly to the needs of the person she was giving Reiki to and with every passing month it seems to grow stronger and stronger in how it carries the Reiki life force energy to the client delivering restorative rejuvenation.

Unanimously, Mitzy's clients have responded with overwhelming satisfaction from what they've experienced during their Reiki session. Most of the time, people see light, experience a deep sense of calmness and when the energy takes hold after a few days, clients feel balanced and less stressed about getting through their week while being more productive and sharp thinking.